IX BIENAL SALÃO DAS ARTES - Vidigueira 2014 - IX Arts Saloon Biennial

During this month is taking place at the city of Vidigueira, the IX Arts Saloon Bienal - Vidigueira 2014

This year's exhibition counts with 266 works by 163 artists from several countries; although mostly from Portugal.


I'm participating with an oil painting and a pastel painting (or drawing if you prefer).


If you happen to be nearby, make sure to visit.

There are some really good works there.


Durante este mês, tem lugar na Vidigueira a IX Bienal Salão das Artes, 2014.

A exposição deste ano conta com 216 obras de 163 artistas vindo de vários países, sendo a maioria portugueses.


Estou participando com um óleo e um pastel.


Se passares por perto, faz uma visita.

Há várias obras de muito boa qualidade.





Here's the link to the catalogue / Aqui fica a ligação para o catálogo:


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Buyers' rights in the European Union when buying online


Changes were recently made to the buyers' right in the European Union (EU) when buying online.

Jose Carrilho Fine Art informs its present and future art collectors of the following:


Acquisitions made online in the EU, give the buyer the right to return the goods during the next 14 days after their reception.

When acquiring art on this website, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges when returning any goods.

A full refund will only be made if the goods are returned in the same conditions when they were sent to the buyer for the first time.


Nonetheless, Jose Carrilho Fine Art will always try to reach a sensible agreement between parts if the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase.

Even after the 14 days period.

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Painting submited for Alcarte 2014

The readers of my newsletter have followed the development of my painting for the 2014 edition of Alcarte.

I mailed it today and it should get the by tomorow.


With Liberty(ies) as this year's theme, I wanted to come up with a subject that wouldn't fall into any political considerations. Thus I've decided

to translate one of my views about liberty onto canvas; an opinion shared by many but quite probably followed by few: With liberty comes responsability.


The bracelet with no chains, represents the liberty, while the iron ball supported by the right hand, represents the weight of responsibility.

It's my first official attempt at painting the human body and I hope that you may enjoy it.


Alcarte 2014 will take place at the Portuguese village of Alcochete during the month of August.


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First Solo Exhibition / Primeira Exposição Individual


My first solo exhibition will take place during the month of April, at the Espaço Arte Aníbal Afonso, in the Clube EDP Lisboa (Av. Defensores de Chaves 4 C).

The exhibition will include some of my best landscapes and still-lifes in oil and soft pastel.

The opening will be on the 3rd of April (18h00 - 20h00).

Should you visit Lisbon, take the chance to see my works in person.

Visiting hours: Mon-Fri (9h00 - 18h00). From 4th to 24th of April 2014.


A minha primeria exposição individual terá lugar durante o mês de Abril, no Espaço Arte Aníbal Afonso, no Clube EDP Lisboa (Av. Defensores de Chaves 4C).

A exposição incluirá algumas das minhas melhores paisagens e naturezas-mortas pintadas a óleo e pastel seco.

A inauguração será no dia 3 de Abril (18h00 - 20h00).

Conto com a tua presença!

Horário da exposição: Seg.-Sex. (9h00 - 18h00). De 4 a 24 de Abril de 2014.

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This painting is completed

After a couple more hours working on it, the "Highlands" oil painting is now finished.

It's based on the "Highland River" photo by John Blair and will be part of my first solo exhibition taking place next April.

Should you come to Lisbon during that time, don't forget to pay a visit.

I'll be adding more details about it soon.


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One of the paintings I'm working on

If all goes as predicted, my first solo exhibiton will take place in April.

At the moment, I'm working on four paintings and plan to start another two during this week.


Will have to talk with the person responsible for the space to see how many works I'll be showing.

I guess that something between 15 and 20 will be appropriate.


Meawhile, I'll leave you with one of the paintings  that I'm working on.

Sorry for the photo, but it was taken with my cell phone and the light wasn't the best.



Kind regards,


José Carrilho

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Oferta de Natal / Christmas Offer

Caro(a) Leitor(a),


Se já pensou várias vezes em adquirir uma obra de arte original e até hoje hesitou, isso poderá mudar.

Apartir de hoje, ao adquirir uma ou mais pinturas no valor mínimo total de €100 (cem Euros), receberá de oferta uma máquina de

café Delta Q Qool!

Esta oferta é válida até ao dia 20 de Dezembro de 2013 (ou até esgotar o stock) e só para Portugal continental.

A entrega será gratuita na região de Lisboa. Para o resto do país, estes serão da responsabilidade do comprador.

Caso não viva em Lisboa e não queira pagar os custos do transporte, poderá levantar a máquina de café numa altura oportuna, que esta ficará reservada.

Atenção que devido ao preço da máquina, os custos de transporte poderão ser elevados.

Para qualquer esclarecimento, não hesite em contactar através de um comentário ou para 93 601 55 88.


José Carrilho


Dear Reader,


If you have thought for several times in acquiring an original work of art and until now have hesitated, that may change.

From today, when buying one or more paintings in the minimum total value of €100 (cem Euros), you'll receive a free Delta Q Qool coffee machine!

This offer is valid until 20 December 2013 (or until is ran out of stock) and only for Portugal mainland.

The delivery will be free in Lisbon. For the rest of the country, the buyer will pay the shipping.

If you don't live in Lisbon and don't want to pay shipping costs, you may pick the coffee machine at a later time. It will be reserved for you.

Please note that due to its weight, the shipping costs may be steep.

For any questions, don't hesitate to contact through a comment or call +351 93 601 55 88 (mobile)


José Carrilho



Disponível em branco ou preto, mas não se pode garantir a escolha da cor.

Available in white or black, but cannot guarantee the choice of colour.

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Financing Your Art Collection

Art in its various forms is quite probably what mostly separates our species from the other ones on this planet.

The creative process and perception of an object beyond its form or function, makes us unique.

Art goes way beyond form, it's creativity and the projection of ourselves and our societies.


Jose Carrilho Fine Art has turned the process of starting or continuing your art colllection, a much easier one:

Through Paypal's Bill Me Later financing service, purchases over $99 can be paid in 6 months with no interest.

Please use credit wisely and avoid impulsive buying.

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Painting Scissors

Last week, I toned two panels for future works.

Yesterday at the studio I wasn't quite sure of what to paint and when this happens, I usually choose and everyday use object to paint.

This time it was some scissors.


I placed them on the table and started the job without any previous drawing or use of measuring tools - yes, I'm that lazy!

if things go as expected, it should be finished by tomorow. I guess that two more hours work will suffice.


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Working on a painting for the XVIII Galeria Aberta - Beja 2013

I've been procrastinating and now I'm in a hurry to finish a painting for the 2013 edition of the Galeria Aberta biennial.

This time I've decided to go for a subject that I'm not so used. Although I've painted scenes with water, usually they don't have so many waves to tackle.

Also, I'm working with a sea colour that is not one of the most used, so I have to be careful to convey it as water and not something else.

The painting needs to be shipped until 14th next week and it's an oil one. I'm using an alkyd medium to help speeding the drying process.

Let's hope everything goes well...




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